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Soulful Self-Care Package

Our Monthly Self-Care packages bill this month, and ship the next.

The Story

"I am a medical marijuana patient. I deal with a lot of pain from 30+ years of carpal tunnel and damage to my arm, hands and shoulder and it’s been a life changer. Not to mention that I also have anxiety at times which it helps with."


I noticed three things:

Most of the monthly subscription products on the market are created by men.

They aren't pretty, and they aren't 100% functional.

And they don't talk to SPIRIT in a way that the feminine soul relates to.

So I created the idea for a monthly care package.

I already successfully co-own another business

and produce 2 subscription boxes that go to hundreds of crafters each month,

several of our current all-women staff are cannabis patients with ideas and excitement to share,

so I knew we could support this new business idea.

Then we had the idea for gorgeous strain journals, after looking at what is on the market.

EVERYTHING we've got is this journal.

Every chart, log, record, and note that you would want about your journey.

Tips, Tricks, and Advice about picking strains and going to dispensaries.

We made them beautiful so you want to pick it up, write in it, and enjoy it. 

We plan to have multiple covers and interiors to appeal to the many different styles women have from boho to modern to colorful to spiritual.

Thank you for joining this beautiful journey.


Start Next Month:

Get Mellow each month with the Women's Wellness Self-Care Package artistically created and curated by women, for women.


Inside, you’ll find insane value and gorgeous items - everything you need to relax, unwind, and soothe your body and soul, such as wellness products, decor items, mindfullness tools, and more.



Subscribe to the box so you never miss a shipment, and save $5 each month.



Shipping is included in the USA, and your box will ship the month AFTER it is billed.

Because of this, it is normal for you to be possibly be billed twice before your first Mellow Monthly box is fulfilled. 

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*disclaimer: Mellow Month products do not include any cannabis, THC, or CBD content. Accessories, Jewelry, Decor, only.